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Having a passion for horses since a young girl, founder of Superior Motion Equine Therapy, Tory Layton, knew that she wanted a career in the equine industry. After discovering Equine Massages and the vast amount of benefits that they offer, Tory decided to pursue a career in doing such and became certified in Equine Sports Massage Therapy through Equissage.

In addition to being a Certified Equine Masseuse, Tory provides PEMF Therapy sessions using the Bemer (Horse-Set) Blanket and Cuffs. By using the Bemer in conjunction with Massages, Tory has noticed a significant difference in not only the overall health and wellness of the horses that she works on, but also their performance. 

Tory is also an Independent Bemer Distributor. Consider contacting her for more information on the Bemer Horse-Set or to purchase your very own.

We at Superior Motion Equine Therapy genuinely care for you and your horse, and want to provide you both with the best services possible. These services are sure to not only improve your horses livelihood, but undoubtedly give you a sense of comfort knowing that your horse is being well cared for.

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